Apple already has dual camera lens technology - as I reported a year ago

There is a lot of rumors again about a dual camera lens for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Now a new rumor says that Apple is testing different modules from different manufacturers.

Taiwan-based Largan Technology as well as Japan- and China-based camera lens makers have sent dual-lens camera test samples to Apple for potential inclusion in its next-generation iPhone, according to sources from the upstream supply chain

But as I reported a lot about already a year ago, Apple has bought an Israel company called LinX technology that makes dual lenses and a very good image manipulation system for tele lenses and zoom. So they already have technology for this in house.

Personally I think the LinX technology will be used to also get rid of the protruding camera on the back of the iPhone. But also to get some kind of optical zoom. Watch my video about this below.

Dual camera lenses, zoom and no protruding camera could be a great way for Apple to generate interest in upgrading to the latest iPhone for its large user base.

Via Apple to Begin Testing Dual-Lens Camera Samples for iPhone 7 Plus - Mac Rumors

One of my early videos about Apple's dual camera lens technology: