Microsoft has acquired SwiftKey

Microsoft has acquired SwiftKey, my favorite third-party keyboard for $250 million.

SwiftKey — a startup based out of London that makes keyboard apps for Android and iOS devices and is already installed and used on some 300 million devices. The terms of the deal are not being disclosed but sources close to the deal tell us it’s $250 million in cash after Microsoft beat out other interested buyers, which we’ve heard also included Apple.

They will probably use it together with their coming keyboard for iOS. And also to make their assistant service Cortana even better.

I really hope SwiftKey will still be available for iOS because I'm dependent on it. I use it for everything I write.

It works really great on iOS.

Via Microsoft Confirms SwiftKey Acquisition (For $250M In Cash) | TechCrunch

Here is one of my videos about SwiftKey: