The 12-inch Macbook is the real iPad Pro to me

I haven’t decided between the second gen 12-inch Macbook and the second gen iPad Pro yet, but to me the 12-inch Macbook is the real ”iPad Pro”.

Taking it out of my bag , it feels (at only 2 pounds) like a tablet

The first generation of the 12-inch Macbook is so light that it feels like a tablet. It’s lighter than the 11-inch Macbook Air. And the iPad Pro together with a keyboard case is not much lighter. I am sure the second gen Macbook will be as light or even lighter.

Apple’s trackpad is so good that it renders a touchscreen irrelevant

This is so true. The Force Touch trackpad is so incredibly good that you can do everything you want to do using touch on an iOS device. No need for a touch display on the 12-inch Macbook. The Touchpad is all you need.

I think the second generation of the 12-inch Macbook is so exciting that I can hardly wait! I think it will be one of the best devices ever seen. And an iPad Pro with a hardware keyboard is not much cheaper so it’s hard to see why not buying the Macbook instead. To me the Macbook would be the perfect companion device to a large iPhone plus.

Via iPad Pro Vs. 12-inch MacBook Mini-Review: iOS Or OS X For The Road?

Here is a video with my thoughts on the second gen Macbook: