Why does Apple still sell the Mac?

If most of Apple's revenue comes from the iPhone, why do they still make the Mac?

The answer is simple: The Mac is so well known, has spawned another well known product, and continues to be the best computer - desktop or laptop - available today. In essence, the Mac is as premium as they come - and this defines the Apple brand.

Any reviewer, from The Wall Street Journal to Consumer Reviews to techradar, rates Apple's laptops and desktops as best in class, spurred on by a winning combination of hardware and software. No competitor comes close.

And I totally agree with this. There is no other laptop or desktop computer that comes near a Mac. A Mac is perfected hardware and software in all its physical existence. You can't buy better user experience for all money in the world.

I switched from the terrible Windows experience with failed hardware and software to the excellent Mac experience 9 years ago. And I still wondering why I didn't switch earlier?

Via Why does Apple keep making the Mac? | TechRadar

A video about that I'm tempted to buy next generation of the 12-inch Macbook: