Google seems to make Google+ into a pure curating service and killing the rest

Google seems to make Google+ into a curating service by promoting the "Collections" feature and killing the rest.

First Google removed Google photos from Google+, then they made a terrible update of the Google+ app that removed all moderation tools for community owners like me. So basically they killed the community feature on Google+.

So now there is only the curating feature called "Collections" left on Google+. And its more or less a clone of Flipboard's magazines, but a really good clone.

Google has recently unveiled the Google+ Create service that you can apply to. It's for curators like me that curate content into different collections on Google+. The service will promote your collections in a better way.

To me that's one more sign that Google wants to make Google+ into a pure curating service and nothing else.

They don't care about communities anymore. Or our profiles. Just the Collections feature. It’s obvious. So I suggest you to start curating posts into collections, if you haven’t already. Nothing wrong with that, the Collections feature is great. It’s just too bad that Google don’t care a dime about communities anymore…

Here is a video I did about this: