iPhone 7 chassis leaked - I think it will use LinX camera module technology

The French website Nowwhereelse.fr has once again got their hands on some leaks. This time of some images of a purported iPhone 7 chassis. This website is a very reliable source when it comes to Apple leaks.

The images show the back of the phone. At first glance, it’s worth noting that the horizontal antenna lines on the back of the phone are gone completely. There are still lines along the bottom edge of the device, represented by the lighter line following the curve of the body, but the main straight antenna lines seen on iPhone 6s are not present in these drawings. Looking closely, the images also suggest that the camera has changed for the iPhone 7.

The size of the camera hole is significantly larger than current phones, indicating an upgrade of some kind. The opening also sits closer to the edge of the phone; the rear camera on current iPhones is more inset into the frame.

Personally I think the larger camera hole is for a new multi-camera lens module from LinX technology that Apple has acquired. They can make up to four lenses into one camera module. That’s why there is only one big hole for a camera. LinX technology doesn’t need more than one hole.

I started reporting about that Apple bought the company LinX imaging over a year ago, and their technology would make it possible to fit a dual camera module into a very thin device, that adds up to 8x optical zoom and much better image quality, less noise and much sharper image. In fact the technology makes it possible to have a module with up to 4 camera lenses in one camera module that is thinner in size than todays iPhone 6s camera module. It would mean that the iPhone 7 could have a much better camera with optical zoom that will not protrude on the back.

So I believe the iPhone 7 will definitely have a dual camera.

And it’s also nice to see that the antenna lines on the back seems to be gone on the iPhone 7. Personally I have got used to them on the iPhone 6s plus though, I actually think they are quite beautiful.

Hopefully though, will the iPhone 7 be thinner and lighter. Because I actually thinks that the iPhone 6s plus is a bit thick and heavy. I prefer my devices as thin and light as possible. But it’s quite hard to see that in this leaked chassis image.

Via Purported iPhone 7 chassis pictures show redesigned antenna lines, new larger camera | 9to5Mac

Apple can get rid of the protruding camera with LinX technology: