iPhone 7 with home button and Touch ID in the display itself

The great website Apple Insider has come over some more images of a potential iPhone 7.

A second set of somewhat more dubious shots depict a device with no home button or headphone jack. Captions accompanying the photos indicate that the button and Touch ID sensor are integrated into the display itself.

We have already seen a lot of rumors that Apple would integrate the Home button and Touch ID directly into the display. And personally I would really like that because that would mean that Apple could put in an even larger display into the same sized phone. And that could definitely be possible, because if Apple will use OLED displays that will be edge to edge, or even over the edge1, then it could be possible to fit a 5.8-inch display in the same sized phone as the iPhone 6s plus. And that version of the iPhone is rumored to be called iPhone Pro.

If these new images from Apple Insider shows the front of the same version as the one we saw the back of with a huge protruding dual camera and a Smart Connector, then we will be up to a quite huge design change of the iPhone this year.

And as I’ve said before, this year is the year when I believe Apple will drop the numbers from the iPhone names. Apple dropped the number from the iPad name a while ago. So the iPad is just called iPad Air and iPad Pro. And another rumor says that the next 9.7-inch iPad won’t be called iPad Air 3, it will instead be called iPad Pro even if it’s smaller than the current iPad Pro. That would mean that all iPads that has support for the pen and smart connector will be called Pro and the ones without will be called Air and Mini. So why not with the iPhone too? I believe it will be called iPhone, iPhone SE, iPhone Plus and iPhone Pro. 4 different versions. One probably already unveiled on Monday, March 212.

Via Rumor: Chinese spy shots show 'iPhone 7' with dual cameras, no home button

Here is a video with some of the things I would like the iPhone 7 to have:

  1. See this patent. It shows virtual side buttons that has purposes like adjusting volume, or snapping a photo ↩︎
  2. The 4-inch iPhone SE ↩︎