iPhone SE sounds boring

After seeing all the rumors and leaks about the coming new 4-inch iPhone SE, sadly i must say that it looks really boring and i can't really see how it would help Apple sell more iPhones.

I mean, it will look almost identical to the iPhone 5, a four year old design, the base model will still only have 16GB, and it will have the same camera and processor as the iPhone 6.

That's it. Nothing exciting, nothing that stands out.

I can't actually see why Apple will have a whole event for that device. It would have been enough with a silent update at their website.

So hopefully will something else on that event be more exciting. For example the second gen 12-inch Macbook. That would be cool.

But yes I understand that some users still thinks that the iPhone 6s is too big and really want a 4-inch iPhone. But do they need an event for that? No I don't think so.

I believe that the iPhone SE could be big in corporate business though. A lot of companies sticks to the iPhone 5s for their employees because of the smaller size. For some reason they think the iPhone 6 is too big for business..

But the iPhone SE is definitely not a device for me, because I use my iPhone as my pocket computer and doing real work on it. I create content on it every day, blogging, video editing, audio recording and much more. So I need as big device as possible that is still pocketable. That’s why my iPhone 6S Plus is perfect for me. Hopefully Apple will add an even larger display in the same sized phone by removing the home button on the iPhone 7 plus. They could easily fit a 5.8-inch display if they do that.

So If Apple won’t unveil something more interesting than the rumored iPhone SE, then the event on Monday will be quite boring.

Here is some videos about the iPhone SE and the coming event: