My device plan: iPhone 6s plus and second gen 12-inch Macbook

I have always said that I won't switch back to computers until they have as good battery life as my iPad. I think with the 12-inch Macbook we finally got a laptop that has that. So that's making the Macbook even more the real "iPad Pro" to me.

Battery life is important to me because I am very mobile and needs to work anywhere.. So I have to carefully choose my portable devices.

And my iPhone 6s plus has taken over more and more from what I usually do on my iPad Air 2. The iPhone 6s plus is actually my "iPad" nowadays. It has excellent battery life and also large enough display but still being very portable.

So the perfect companion device to my iPhone 6s plus would be a very portable, light and thin laptop with excellent battery life.

And that's where the 12-inch Macbook comes in.

I believe the second generation of the 12-inch Macbook will be incredible. Still as portable, light and thin, but with much better performance and battery life.

It will be my dream machine.

I don't care about more ports because I don't need more than one. I will use it exactly as an iPad and I have never needed more than one port on my iPads.

So basically it means that I would have an "iPad mini" (my iPhone 6s plus), and an "iPad pro" (the second gen 12-inch Macbook). If I buy it that is.

So that's my device plan.

Here is one video I’ve made about the 12-inch Macbook: