An "All Glass" iPhone again next year


It looks like the iPhone will go back to be all glass again next year. At least that is what the very reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says.

In a new report by KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo, the reliable Apple analyst claims that the iPhone will be seeing a major redesign in 2017, dropping the iconic aluminum casing for an all-glass enclosure with AMOLED screen. It does not seem like the iPhone 7 for 2016 will be seeing such a major overhaul, breaking Apple’s tick-tock pattern of a significant chassis redesign every other generation.

Personally I think that also means that Apple will stop naming the iPhone as they do today. By removing the numbers from the names Apple can update the iPhone as they want every year, instead of being forced to release 'S' versions of the iPhone every other year.

Now they can call them just iPhone, iPhone Plus and eventually also the rumored iPhone Pro and design them how they want every year.

So we will probably not see some drastic design changes this year as we usually should see, we will see that next year instead.

And having an all glass designed iPhone again is no problem for me if Apple can compensate the weight somehow by doing it lighter in other ways. For example by using an AMOLED display panel instead of LCD as Apple has used for all their iPhones up until now.

And also hearing about the rumored 5.8-inch gets me all excited! It is exactly what I want to have. I use my iPhone 6s Plus as a 'mini' iPad for real work so having an even larger display will be awesome. I think they can make one in about the same size as the iPhone 6s Plus by just removing some of the bezels.

If this report is true I eventually wait until next year until I buy a new iPhone. I'm still very happy with my powerful iPhone 6s plus.

Via KGI: Apple to drop aluminum iPhone casing in 2017 in favor of new ‘all glass’ enclosure with AMOLED screen | 9to5Mac

What the iPhone 7 need to have for me to upgrade: