iPhone 7 Plus with Smart Connector

Recently I did a video with what the next iPhone, the iPhone 7 need to have to make me upgrade from my iPhone 6s plus.

I need to add one thing to that list.

Smart Connector

I think it would be really interesting to have Apple's Smart Connector on the iPhone Plus and with that all the Pro accessories that we could get that supports it.

I could actually see me buying Apple's Smart Keyboard for the iPhone 7 plus. But then again I think it would need more than that to make me upgrade from my beloved iPhone 6s Plus.

I think a Smart Connector on the iPhone 7 would be great to have for charging the iPhone while using it with some new Lightning port headphones since all rumors says that Apple will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7. The Smart Connector makes it possible to listen to music using headphones at the same time you charge it. So I think it could be possible that it has a Smart Connector. And we could see a lot of great accessories for the iPhone 7 that uses the Smart Connector. For example ”Power Bank” cases that prolongs the battery life. Or even some small hardware keyboards could be possible.

Personally I would love a Smart Connector keyboard developed for thumb typing in landscape mode on the iPhone 7 Plus.

What the iPhone 7 Plus need to have for me to upgrade: