Seriously, why are some people disappointed in the Apple Watch sales?

My Apple Watch
My Apple Watch

According to analysts has Apple sold 12 million Apple Watches in the first year.

Not that this necessarily is a sign of its future popularity, but Apple's smartwatch sold twice the number of units in its rookie year than the 6 million handsets Apple sold during the iPhone's first year. Still, not everyone raves about the timepiece, with some calling it slow and others complaining that the watch has yet to reach that level of being "indispensable." But those complaining are definitely in the minority. A survey conducted last week among 1150 Apple Watch users by Wristly, found that 93% of Apple Watch users were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their smartwatch.

I see quite a few articles around the Web that are disappointed with those numbers. But seriously, how can the Apple Watch be a flop with so many watches sold? I mean, it's more than some smartphone manufacturers sell their phones in a year... It's around $6 billion in counted money...

The Apple Watch has 60% of the smartwatch market. That's very impressive after just one year.

And personally I'm very happy with my Space Gray Apple Watch Sport edition. It is one of the best devices I've ever bought. It makes me so much more productive.

A productive Apple Watch app
A productive Apple Watch app

The Apple Watch has made me use my iPhone much less. I almost never read notifications on my iPhone anymore. Thats what the Apple Watch is for now. I never use the notification center on the iPhone anymore, I never use the Weather app anymore, I don’t use the alarm anymore, I don’t use the timer anymore and much much more. Because all that is what I use the Apple Watch for now.

Personally I really enjoy and actually prefer glancing at the notifications on my Apple Watch, or ticking of tasks as done from the Todoist complication, reading new emails, seeing my next meetings and appointments directly on the Watch while walking1, sitting in meetings, at a dinner or while taking a coffee break in the lunch room with my colleagues.

The Apple Watch is here to stay. That's for sure.

Via Apple Watch turns one; device sold twice as many units in its first year as the OG iPhone did

Here is one video about the Apple Watch and productivity:

  1. Heck! I even do it while driving sometimes! (don’t tell anyone) ↩︎