Using my Mac instead of my iPad

Macbook vs iPad
Macbook vs iPad

I was creating a new search engine for my Svartling Network website the other day, and by doing so there was a lot of work with testing, customizations and fiddling around with different settings.

Then I realized how much easier it was to do these kinds of things on my Mac instead of my iPad that I've been using exclusively for two years doing all my work on.

Yes I've could have done that kind of work on my iPad too, using the Puffin Web Browser to get a real desktop browsing experience, but it would have been more clunky and slower to do so.

So even if most of the things are possible to do on the iPad, there is definitely a lot of tasks that is easier and faster to do on the Mac. Things like: web design, fiddling with server settings, video editing, audio editing, screen recording, downloading files and unzipping them and more, are simply easier and faster to do on the Mac. Even if it's fully possible to do on the iPad. I've been doing that on my iPad for two years so I should probably know.

So even if I really enjoy being post-pc, I have realized now that there is some things I prefer doing on a Mac. And that's one reason why I think the new 12-inch Macbook will be perfect for me. It's still more a post-pc device than a traditional computer to me. It's like an iPad Pro with a smart keyboard. The Macbook is more portable than the iPad pro with a keyboard though.

I will use it as my main computer with my iPhone 6s Plus as my backup pocket computer. I will use it exactly as I've been using my iPads for two years, I will have it with me everywhere, doing blogging and video editing on it. And of course all the rest I do too.

The new 12-inch MacBook
The new 12-inch MacBook

And with a weight of only 920 grams it also feels like an iPad when you taking it out from a bag for example. And Apple’s Force Touch trackpad is so good that it renders a touchscreen irrelevant. There is no need for a touch display. You can do everything with just the touch pad.

And the 12-inch MacBook is actually cheaper than the 12-inch iPad Pro with a keyboard, and if you buy the iPad with upgraded storage so that you get the same amount of storage as the Macbook. At least here in Sweden.

So the 12-inch MacBook is a device for the future. It's how post-pc devices should be. Even if the Macbook still is a "PC" in a dictionary somewhere, it really isn't anymore. At least not for me.

Here is a video where I talk about a device even further into the future: