A new report says that the iPhone 7 will have 32GB as base storage

iPhone 7 concept
iPhone 7 concept

So it finally looks like Apple will change the base storage of 16GB to 32GB for the iPhone 7.

An IHS Technology analyst has posted on Chinese social media that company supply chain research indicates that the iPhone 7 will feature 32 GB storage as the $199 base model, which would mean Apple would finally drop the much-loathed 16 GB SKU from its lineup with its new flagship smartphone expected in the fall.

Earlier rumors and leaks has said that it still had 16GB as the base model. So this is a relief for many. 16GB is practically useless with today's mobile cameras and larger apps.

And this analyst has a pretty good track record when it comes to Apple rumors. Last year they predicted that the 4-inch iPhone SE should be released this year, and as you know it sure has.

Via Analyst claims next-gen iPhone 7 to feature 32 GB base storage and up, finally dropping 16 GB models | 9to5Mac

Here is a video with one of the earlier leaks about the iPhone 7 storage options: