Apple Watch needs a keyboard

The innovative Minuum Keyboard
The innovative Minuum Keyboard

I use my Apple Watch a lot, and I often reply to messages and emails directly on the Apple Watch. I use Voice and pre-made smart replies. But the problem with voice to text for me is that I can only choose one language for that. Either English or my native language Swedish. And I want to use English for creativity when I for example want to add notes to a blog post I am working on. And I want to use Swedish when replying to messages.

At I/O 2016, Google revealed that it would be adding text input into Android Wear 2.0. That means people with Android-based smart watches will be able to reply to text messages using an on-screen keyboard. It's something I've always wanted on my Apple Watch, and something I very much hope Apple adds with watchOS 3.0.

If Apple adds some kind of keyboard for the Apple Watch, it would be one more option to create a reply with. Choice is good. So why not?

”Apple can let third-party developers release software keyboards for the Apple Watch”

Personally I think a keyboard where you write one letter at a time on the Apple Watch display would work best. So that you actually draw the letter one at the time directly on the small display and watchOS 3.0 transcribes that into text and real words.

Or maybe Apple can let third-party developers be able to release software keyboards for the Apple Watch? That would be quite cool. Then we could have the choice to install keyboards like Minuum, Swiftkey, Fleksy, Swype and more.

A normal swipe or type keyboard would simply be too small, so I don’t think that would work so good though. And Apple never release something that doesn’t have the best user experience possible. So I don’t think Apple will add some kind of keyboard for the Apple Watch until they have come up with something smart.

But hopefully that will be this year with the new watchOS 3.0 release this Fall.

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Here is one video where I show one method I use to be more productive with my Apple Watch: