Apple Watch starts to be forgotten?

My beloved Apple Watch
My beloved Apple Watch

I get the feeling that the Apple Watch is more and more forgotten. Blogs, web sites, media doesn't mention it as much anymore. In fact almost not at all anymore. They have lost interest in it.

And personally I think that's really sad, because the Apple Watch is still one of the best mobile devices I've ever bought.

The Apple Watch has replaced many things I did on the iPhone before. Because it's more convenient to just raise your wrist and use the Apple Watch immediately than having to take out your iPhone from your pocket and unlock the screen before you can do things. Things like ticking of tasks from my Todoist task management system, add new tasks by voice, record audio clips directly on the Watch using the excellent app Just Press Record. Reading and answering emails, sending and receiving SMS (iMessage), checking the weather and of course the time and date. All that and much more is much more convenient to do on the Apple Watch. And the very useful Watch complications makes all these things easy to do.

So I think Apple needs to do something about this. They have to make the Apple Watch interesting again. Both for media and press, and of course for the consumer and user. Not so much for the current users, but it needs to gain interest for new potential buyers.

The rumors says that the Apple Watch won't be redesigned this year. It will only get updated internals. And what that means no one knows. Probably bigger battery, better display, faster processor. And maybe added GPS chip.

But I don't think that's enough to make the Apple Watch interesting again. I think it needs to be redesigned already this year to gain interest again.

To me the Apple Watch is the future for mobile use. The iPhone will more or less transform into a mini iPad and lose the phone feature. And the Apple Watch will take over those phone features from the iPhone.

That's what I believe.

Here is a video about one thing I use my Apple Watch for: