GTD: Use the Inbox

The GTD Inbox

One of the most effective way for me to be as productive and creative as possible is to use my Inbox for everything. Every idea, every note, every article to read later, every link to check out. Everything should be added to your GTD Inbox.

But that also means that you have to be very disciplinary when it comes to empty your Inbox every day. You should always have Inbox Zero. Otherwise you have failed.

Personally I empty my Inbox plenty of times every day. At the minimum you should do it two times every day, in the morning and in the evening. When you wake up and just before you go to sleep. Then you will feel harmonized with your life. You will feel cleansed.

I add stuff to my Inbox as soon as they shows up. I add them from all my devices. From my Apple Watch I use the excellent Watch complication from the Todoist Apple Watch app to add tasks. Sometimes I add notes from the excellent Apple Watch app called Drafts. From the Apple Watch I usually use voice as the input. Works great but only with one language. So I have to chose either English or Swedish in the settings. Sadly not both.

From my iPhone and iPad I use the Todoist app with share sheet extension to add links, notes, ideas and thoughts to my Inbox. The Todoist share sheet extension makes it very easy to add links to websites you want to read, blog or do videos about, directly to your Inbox.

I also use the excellent Drafts app on my iPhone and iPad to add notes and ideas. It makes it so easy to later send the notes to any app or service you want to store it in.

On my computers, my 11-inch Macbook Air that is always with me, my Chromebook home brew that I use at home, and the Windows laptop at my day work, I use the excellent universal app Todoist to add everything that comes to my mind into the Inbox. Todoist has some excellent tools to make it easier to add stuff to your Inbox. For example Web Browser extensions that makes it possible to send links and web page titles to your Inbox. I use it a lot to add articles I want to read later, make blog post of, or create a video around. Works great.

If you do this, empty your thoughts and ideas down to your Inbox, empty your head at least two times everyday, then you will quite soon feel that you can do so much more. You will feel a lot more effective. Both in work and life.

Here is a video were I talk about the Inbox: