Mirror is a new Mac app that makes it possible to stream your Mac to your Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV
Samsung Smart TV

Mirror is a quite interesting new Mac app that makes it possible to mirror your complete Mac to a Samsung Smart TV without owning an Apple TV. It can stream your complete Mac screen with audio and all.

Mirror for Samsung TV is a $9.99 Mac app that allows you to stream whatever’s playing on your Mac screen to any Samsung Smart TV from 2012 onward. That is to say, any model whose middle letter is E or later (eg. UE55ES8000).

“After launching the application on the Mac, the app will scan your local network for a Samsung Smart TV”, explains Demid Borodin, co-founder and Director of Technology. “When your TV is found, with a click of a button, the screen of your Mac is mirrored on TV. You can even choose whether you would like the audio of your Mac to be transferred to your TV as well.”

It’s a quite expensive app so make sure that your Samsung TV really is up to it before buying the Mirror Mac app. You can test if your TV is up to it with this test version of Mirror.

Personally my Samsung Smart TV was too old for this app. It’s from late 2011 with a middle letter of ”D”… :(

Via Got a Mac and a Samsung TV? Now you can AirPlay Mirror without an Apple TV | 9to5Mac

Here is an old video were I show how I use my 11-inch Macbook Air together with my Samsung Smart TV: