Photography is about the story you telling and not about the equipment you use

To me it’s more important to have a camera always with you, so you don’t miss the perfect moment for a photo. So the best camera is the one you always have with you. And to me that is my iPhone.

Photography is about the story you’re telling through your image. Now try as you will, telling a good story through a photo, one someone other than you will care about, is a hard thing to do. Most photographers just don’t get this. It’s not about tack sharp photo’s. It’s not about the glass you’re using. It’s not about Film vs Digital or DX vs FX, it’s about the story, and the story is not held to anyone one set of tools. It can be told on everything from a Nikon FM to a D4, Leica or even an iPod touch using an app. The problem is photographers just get old fashioned jealous when they think someone is cheating with an app, or that using an iPhone isn’t real photography. Shooting pictures with an iPhone is just as real, and just as relevant, as shooting on any other format.

So I don’t get it why these ”old school” photographers complaining over all the beautiful photos that iPhone users are taking every day, all over the world. An app is used to be able to take a photo with the built-in hardware camera module in the phone itself. It’s more or less the same thing as using the camera software built-in to an expensive DSLR camera.

I absolutely love taking photos (telling stories) with my iPhone 6s plus. And I love taking really beautiful photos with it that even these hard core photographers admit are really beautiful.


Here is some recent photos I’ve taken with my iPhone 6S Plus:

Me an my wife. Image taken with the front facetime camera on a iPhone 5s
Me an my wife. Image taken with the front facetime camera on a iPhone 5s