Read/Write - two tasks for better productivity and a more harmonized life


Adding two recurring tasks called Read and Write to my task management system1 is one of the best things I've done for my life and health.

It means that I must dedicate time everyday to write to be productive, and also dedicate time to relax by reading everyday. This makes my life more harmonized.

And also, to write everyday doesn’t only make me more productive, it also helps me being more relaxed and not so stressful because by writing I am emptying my brain from my thoughts.

I haven’t set any goals, so writing down some starters, ideas or thoughts is enough, and reading just a few pages from a book, or reading an article on the web is also enough. But just having those two tasks in my task management system everyday, helps me keep going. It actually works for me. I have been using this method since I started blogging for real again two months ago.

One of the biggest reasons for doing this is that I have decided to blog more than doing videos, and at the same time read more books.

I love blogging and reading books.

So it feels so good after I have written something everyday so that I can enjoy a good book afterwards. It’s like a reward.

And as I’ve said a few times before, I have decided to step down from Internet a step or two. I don’t want to be on the top when it comes to the tech business anymore. I don’t want to always have the latest gadgets and technology all the time anymore. Yes of course I will still write and do videos about that, but I won’t live that life myself anymore.

It hurts my health and life too much to try to be at the top all the time. To be first with everything. I want to live life instead. And to Read and Write is part of my life and will always be.

Here is a video where I am talking about stepping down from the Internet:

  1. I use Todoist. ↩︎