Review: The Circuit: Executor Rising by Rhett C. Bruno

Book Cover
Book Cover

This was a really nice experience! I don't know the different genres and categories when it comes to Science Fiction, but the book The Circuit: Executor Rising by Rhett C. Bruno was definitely my cup of tea. It was more like fantasy but written as science fiction in space. I liked it a lot.

I liked the Androids, MECH robots, HOLO screens and the other technologies. I also like that the locations is on real planets and moons in our solar system.

I like this idea so much that I hope Rhett C. Bruno continues to write books from this universe, with characters, events and places from the Circuit. But unfortunately it looks like his coming novel Titanborn is a standalone novel and not from the same universe that he has built up with the Circuit. Even if it's about the moon Titan. That's too bad I think. But I haven't read it yet, so maybe we can see some connections to the Circuit in Titanborn anyways.

I didn't like the ending of the Circuit: Executor Rising though. I don't like "To be continued" endings in books. I would rather had seen a real ending like the ones Brandon Sanderson do in the Mistborn trilogy for example. Then you don't have to read the other books if you don't want, but with the Circuit: Executor Rising you really have to. Otherwise you don't know the ending of the story.

But of course I would like to read the next book, the Circuit: Progeny of Vale too someday, but just not right now. There is so much else to read too.

I gave the Circuit: Executor Rising 4/5 in score.

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