The iPhone will get an edge-to-edge display with everything embedded - I'll wait for that one

Concept by Martin Hajek.
Concept by Martin Hajek.

As you know, I have said many times that I think Apple could fit a larger 5.8-inch or even a 6-inch display in the same sized phone as today’s iPhone 6s plus. I have aslo said that it would make the iPhone into an even better Pocket Computer.

Now even John Gruber1 says that his very reliable Apple sources says that Apple is working on an iPhone that will have an edge-to-edge display with everything embedded into the display. The Touch ID button, FaceTime camera, speaker and everything else directly into the display. He even says that we will see this new iPhone already next year.

And to me that sounds awesome! I mean, it would mean that Apple finally can do what I’ve been talking about: adding a larger display into the same sized phone! Or another possibility too of course, make the iPhone smaller physically but still have the same sized display as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. But personally I would prefer an even larger display so that the iPhone can be an even better Pocket Computer.

Personally I think this rumored new iPhone will be called iPhone Pro and it will probably have support for the Apple Pen and Smart Connector.

And if all the rumors are true that this year’s iPhone, the iPhone 7 will look almost the same as the iPhone 6s, and the smaller one will have a normal camera, and the bigger Plus version will have a dual camera, then I would probably not upgrade this year. There is no need because my iPhone 6s plus is still so incredibly powerful, fast and incredible in every way.

And if next year’s iPhone, the iPhone 8 will get an edge-to-edge display with everything embedded in it, then that is the iPhone I will wait for instead. And by the way, as i’ve said many times now, I don’t think Apple will keep numbers in the names of the iPhone anymore. It just will be called iPhone, iPhone Plus and iPhone Pro.

Here is some videos where I talk about these things:

  1. A well known blogger/podcaster from the Apple world ↩︎