Apple needs to surprise us on the 2016 WWDC keynote June 13

WWDC 2016

I think it’s time for Apple to announce something exciting again. I think they need to surprise us on the WWDC keynote on June 13. It’s time for them to be Apple again, and move the innovation and technology forward again.

Personally I think they have been a bit stale lately. The only exciting they have announced in a while was the first 12-inch Macbook. And even that were a while since they announced. Before that it was the Apple Watch.

So why not do as Google did at Google I/O recently, and surprise us by presenting iOS apps running on Macs? I mean, Google has made it possible to run Android apps on Chromebooks with full performance, with Keyboard and mouse support, touch support and in three different Windows sizes. And even having apps opened side by side and multi task between them! Everything with a magical automatic conversion from ARM based apps to Intel based Chromebooks. And the developers doesn’t even need to do anything if they don’t want to. That’s what I call exciting and innovation.

Having the full Google Play Store with millions of Android apps available for Chromebooks will change the whole market. It will eat up market shares from both the iPad and Macbooks. Heck, of course also from Windows computers!

So why not surprise us Apple and announce that OSX will be capable of running all the millions of iOS apps available, with the full iOS app store available for Macs? Can Google do it, you can do it Apple…

It doesn’t seem to be a problem that the apps are made for ARM based devices. At least not for Google. And they even run with full performance so there is no emulation going on. So again, that’s what I call INNOVATION Apple…

And I mean, WWDC is a developer conference, so this kind of news would be perfect to announce on the WWDC keynote.

So please Apple, don’t just announce some boring stuff about Apple music, Apple Pay and Siri…

Here is a video where I talk about what Google presented recently: