Dark Mode and split-screen view for the iPhone could come in iOS 10

iOS 10 dark mode concept
iOS 10 dark mode concept

The Brazilian (I think?) website iHelpBR has made some interesting iOS 10 concept images. Automatic dark mode and split-screen view and more.

A system-wide dark mode is depicted in the images, offering up an example of what darker backgrounds would look like in Messages, Mail, Contacts, News, and more.

The concept also features split-screen multitasking and picture-in-picture support, bringing the iPad feature to the iPhone when used in landscape mode.

Personally I think an automatic system wide dark mode would be awesome to have. That way we could choose between using the current Night Shift feature or the new potential Dark Mode.

I also believe it could be true that we will get the split-screen feature that the iPad has, also for the larger iPhone. Maybe not for the iPhone Plus though, I believe it's for the rumored 5.8-inch iPhone Pro. Then all Apple's Pro iOS devices will have the same features. Apple Pen support, Smart Connector and split-screen view.

iOS 10 split-screen concept
iOS 10 split-screen concept

I don't think we will see an iPhone Pro this year though, when it comes to the iPhone it looks like it's next year that will be interesting. Really interesting.

But I'm sure iOS 10 will be an exciting update for my iPhone 6s plus. As usual when Apple releases a new big iOS update, it feels like having a new iPhone again after installing it.

Via iOS 10 Concept Features Dark Mode, Split Screen for iPhone - Mac Rumors

Here is a video with the iOS 10 concept: