Not much about the iPad on WWDC 2016

iOS 10 iPhone features
iOS 10 iPhone features

On the WWDC keynote yesterday, Apple presented news about watchOS, macOS, tvOS and of course iOS. But when presenting iOS 10, it was almost only about the iPhone. The iPad was hardly mentioned at all.

The iPad Pro is a beast of a machine. It's pretty close to being a Mac in terms of performance. But its capabilities weren't expanded at this show. Well, you could count iOS 10 as an expansion, but the services emphasized seemed to serve iPhone more than iPad. Smarter Messages, cleaned-up Apple Music, and new auto-wake home screen notifications weren't exactly what I was looking for on iPad. And none of the 3D Touch features will work on iPad, which lacks that iPhone-only feature.

So most of the new features in iOS 10 seems to be more for the iPhone than the iPad. No more professional features that makes it easier to be productive and creative. No new multitasking, no new app picker for split-screen view, no new professional apps like Final Cut Pro X announced for the iPad.

Personally I think that is both strange and sad. Because I think Apple needs to push for the iPad Pro even more to make it popular. And adding more iPad only features in iOS is one way making the iPad more attractive.

But maybe the iPad needs it's own operating system for that to happen?

Via ​Where was the iPad at WWDC? - CNET

Here is my videos before and after WWDC: