Snackable Audio using wireless headphones makes me more productive

Thanks to very light and small wireless headphones, we consume media in a new way. At least that is what I personally do.

I have my wireless headphones always with me so that I can listen to books and articles whenever I can. For example, when waiting in line, on a bus or train, or when driving to work. I even listen to the media in my office while working. It means that I can keep up with news and my interests while doing other things.

Thanks to the great Text-To-Speech (TTS) engines that are available, and already built in to your mobile phone, you can listen to text, articles and ebooks in e-book reader apps and Read Later service like Pocket.

So by doing that I can get more done by consuming media when I want wherever I want. It helps me getting things done faster and more effective. When it's time to write a blog post or doing a video, I already know all the facts and info for example. That's a huge benefit. You don't have to do so much research because you already know everything about it. That definitely saves time.

And it's the new smaller and lighter totally wireless headphones that make that possible, and I think Apple's new AirPods will make more people see the same possibilities as I do. They will make this possible for more people, because more people will start using wireless headphones now with the release of the iPhone 7.

They make it possible to consume media as small, fast snackable Audio when you have the time.

Wireless headphones will make it easier to keep up with the news and articles you never have the time to read, the research you have to do for work, or the books you have wanted to read for a very long time.

It's much easier and with less hassle listening to it using wireless headphones.

At the same time as it will make you more productive because you can multitask more effectively.

Here is a video where I talk about this and where I show how I use TTS to consume media: