Today Apple will present a quite uninteresting iPhone for an iPhone 6s plus owner

Today is the Apple event where Apple will present the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus. The rumors say that it won't be much different to the iPhone 6s plus I already have. Better camera with a dual lens, faster processor, more RAM, more storage options and some new colors... And still the same very expensive price.

These were the reasons why I decided to switch to Android this year. I bought the Nexus 6P two months ago and can't be happier. And I even get two Nexus 6P for the same price as one iPhone 6s plus! Go figure...

I will probably never ever buy such an expensive phone again. There is no need anymore.

I still have my iPhone 6s plus, even if it is collecting dust at the moment. I haven't used it since I bought the Nexus 6p. No need for it. I also have an iPhone 6 that I'm still carrying around always with me in a wallet case. The only reason I still do that is because of my Apple Watch that needs an iPhone to be connected to.

I want an Android Wear Watch so I don't have to do that anymore though. Maybe someday I will buy one. It would be fun to try.

Here is my iPhone 6s plus unboxing:

Here is my Nexus 6p unboxing:

Here is my comparison video between the two phones: