The Apple Watch is just a fashion accessory for me now

apple watch fashion

When I was an iPhone user I absolutely loved my Apple Watch. I used it a lot, I got all my notifications on it, I replied to messages and mail directly on it, I used Todoist as my task management system directly on it with the excellent Todoist Apple Watch app, I recorded audio for my YouTube videos and podcasts with the excellent Apple Watch app Just Press Record and much more on my beloved Apple Watch and everything worked great. I was in love with it and I believed it was the mobile future.

Then, I switched to Android in July this year when I bought a Nexus 6P, and everything changed.

Now I hardly use it anymore. The Apple Watch has mainly become a fashion accessory for me now. A flashy luxury jewelry for men. Nothing else. I like to change watch bands for specific events and adventures that match my clothes for example. The same thing with watch faces. I change them depending on what I will do.

But I don’t use all the great features or apps that are available anymore. Not more than having a weather complication on my watch face. That is the only feature I still use except for seeing what time it is.

Todoist Apple Watch app

The main reason why I stopped using it is of course because I don’t use an iPhone anymore. Even if I still carry around an iPhone just so that I can connect my Apple Watch to it, I never use the iPhone itself. I don’t even bother to update the apps or iOS itself anymore.

just press record on apple watch

So the Apple Watch is the last Apple device I own, and I will only use it as long it works. I will of course not buy a new one.

And I’m not sure I will buy an Android Wear watch either. I think my phone is all I need. But maybe I will someday just to get the full, perfect Google Experience.

Here is some videos I have made about how I use the Apple Watch: