The camera on my iPhone 6 has died ๐Ÿ˜ 

Faulty iPhone 6 camera

The camera on my iPhone 6 has died. I didn’t do anything, it just…. died. I can’t take any photos or videos anymore. The camera image is just totally black. And when clicking on the photo button it just creates a total black photo…

I have tried everything, restarting, resetting, re-installing iOS and nothing helps!

This makes me angry because it’s the iPhone 6 so there is no warranty anymore. And these phones are not cheap. And my iPhone 6 was fully specced.

Luckily I don’t use it much because I have the Nexus 6P as my main phone, but now the iPhone 6 is useless. No one wants a phone without a camera.

Here is my unboxing video of the iPhone 6: