Android's filesystem is by far more useful than iOS

x-plore file manager

Another thing that I really like with Android that iOS not even comes near, is the filesystem and handling of ZIP and RAR files. Android has a REAL filesystem compared to iOS..

So if I have a compressed RAR file in Google Drive, I can just tap on it and it opens like if it were a normal folder. And from there I can just click on one of the files, let’s say an EPUB file, and it opens in my preferred ebook reader app. Exactly as it was a file I had in a folder and not in a compressed RAR archive.

And Google Drive is so tightly integrated that it’s actually is part of the file system of Android. You can get to your files from any app, and you can save files to Google Drive from any app. When I was an iPhone and especially an iPad user, I wished that iCloud Drive worked exactly liked that. But it still doesn’t. Not by far.


So to me, the Android operating system, is a much more real computer-like OS than iOS is. Much more user-friendly and most importantly, much more useful. You can do so much more with Android.

Here is my vlog where I talk about that I don’t miss my iPhone at all: