I bought a Google Chromecast - Very impressed

Google Chromecast

I bought a Google Chromecast. Not the newest 4k version but the version before that. It’s for an older Sony HDTV that only supports 1080p anyways. It’s actually for my wife so that she can stream (Cast) from her iPhone to the TV. And I got pleasantly surprised by how great it works!

I mean, no hassle, no trouble or problems at all. And so easy to setup. And it works with any phone and laptop. So I can Cast from my Nexus 6P, MacBook Air, and Chromebook. My wife can Cast from her iPhone 6s Plus and Macbook Pro. Amazing really.

And there is a lot of apps that works with it in both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. So there is definitely no lack of Chromecast apps that’s for sure.

There are even apps that make it possible to show content from different cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. I like that a lot. And you can even Cast directly from a tab in Google Chrome Web Browser! Heck, you can even mirror the complete browser tab directly to the TV!

Google Chromecast

So this was a pleasant surprise, so much that I’m thinking of buying one for the bedroom TV too. Even if it’s not necessary there because I have a complete Windows 10 laptop computer always connected to the 40-inch HDTV there. And I use an excellent Remote Android app called Unified Remote with it, so I can use virtual TouchPad/Mouse and keyboard with it. Works great. So there is really no need for a Chromecast there, but anyways :)

So I am very impressed with what Google has done with the Chromecast. And it only gets better and better. Love it.

Here is a really old vlog from me where I talk about the first version of the Chromecast: