My Productive Day with Task Management and GTD


When I woke up in the morning, still in bed, I first go through my notifications on my Android phone. I usually get a lot of notifications during the night when I sleep, because it’s when the US are awake. So I view them, defer them and delete them.

After that, still in bed, I go through my email. I use Inbox by Gmail as my email client, so it’s part of my GTD system. Same thing there, I view them, defer them to later, and delete them. Inbox by Gmail makes it so easy to both defer email and create reminders that syncs with Google Calendar. I always go for Inbox Zero when I go through my email this way.

google keep

When I am at my desk at the office, it’s time to do the daily planning, so I start Google Keep and go through the “Inbox” (All the notes that are not archived) and pin the notes that need attention this day. That means that the day’s most important notes will be at the top in Google Keep. It’s a great way to have the most important notes and tasks clearly visible and separated from the other unfinished notes and tasks.


During the work day I tick off finished tasks and notes (and archive completed notes for later reference), and of course adding new tasks and notes. When at my desk I add new notes and tasks using the web version of Google Keep, and when I am away from the desk, I use the excellent Google Keep Android app. During the day, I also keep going through my email from time to time, so I always have Inbox Zero.

I also use Google Calendar app on my Android phone because it syncs with both tasks in Google Keep and Inbox by Gmail reminders. So you get a really nice overview of your daily tasks in the Google Calendar app. The Calendar app also supports “Goals” that I use quite a lot. Examples of Goals I have are “Plan my Day” daily, and “Plan my week” on Sundays. I also have a Goal to do a GTD Review two times a week, where I go through all my tasks, both Actions, Next Actions and Someday/Maybe. These Google Calendar Goals tries to automatically find the best time for me to finish these goals. And it works really great. It helps me be very productive and inspire me to finish tasks. And they also visually looks really nice in my Calendar, together with all my other tasks and schedules.

Inbox by Gmail

When I come home from work and after eating dinner with my family, I try to clear my head by brainstorming thoughts and notes into my Inbox in Google Keep. By doing so, I can “leave” my day work mentally too.

After that, I can open my Home “Projects” in Google Keep, and start giving them attention and the work that is needed. Ticking off finished tasks and archiving finished notes. Adding new tasks and notes. Going through emails and so on. Exactly as I do by day, at my day work. No difference.

And then just before I go to bed, I empty my head by writing down all my thoughts and notes into Google Keep and also some Journaling in the great Android app Journey. That way it’s easier to sleep at night. It feels so fresh to not having to carry around thoughts and tasks in my head. Having them stored safely into Google Keep is a relief.

So that was a bit brief on how a productive day for me is.

Here is once again a video on how great Google apps works together and creates an excellent GTD system: