What I like and what I miss with my new GTD workflow

Getting things done

I recently switched from using Todoist as my main GTD system to using the three Google services Google Keep, Google Calendar and Inbox by Gmail together as one service for my GTD system and workflow.

So below you can see the things I really like with my new GTD workflow and what I miss from Todoist.

What I like with using Google Keep, Inbox by Gmail and Google Calendar for my GTD:

  • I like that the Reminders you add in Google Keep, Inbox by Gmail and Google Calendar are merged in Inbox and Calendar. Very useful.
  • I like that the Google services are available on all my devices. Including my Chromebook and MacBook Air.
  • I like the tight integration between the apps and the Chrome web browser. Even on iOS.
  • I like the way you can use Google Keep as a better Evernote. Adding incremental notes to the same note. Directly from the Chrome browser button.
  • I like that you can easily set a reminder on a Google Keep note that shows up in both Google Calendar and Inbox by Gmail.
  • I love that it creates automated lists of Reminders in Google Calendar based on the same time. So if I create two or more reminders at the same time, Calendar creates a list with all the reminders of that time. So when I’m clicking on that list all the reminders opens in one list and I can mark them as done one by one.
  • I really like how Inbox by Gmail handles tasks and todos. You can easily add reminders for specific emails, you can create completely new tasks, you can easily defer tasks, you can review all the tasks that you have marked as done, and you can easily see all the Someday/Maybe tasks and you get a great overview of all your tasks and todo’s in nice looking lists.
  • It’s so easy to create notes and reminders from basically anywhere on your Android phone. And they all shows up in Inbox by Gmail and Google Calendar. And you can do voice based notes that automatically transcribes to text if you want, you can scribble notes and you can do list-based notes easily.
  • The new Goals feature in Google Calendar works great and looks beautiful in your calendar. It automatically learns the best day and time to do a task you have set.

Google Keep

What I miss from my earlier workflow based on Todoist

  • Apple Watch apps and Complications. I still use an Apple Watch because it’s nothing wrong with it and I own one. It’s connected to an iPhone SE that I have always with me in a wallet case only so that I can use my Apple Watch. One of the best things with Todoist is the excellent Apple Watch app and its complications. You can easily manage your tasks completely from the watch. Add new ones, move them and mark them as done. Very useful. I wish you could do the same on the Apple Watch with Google Keep, Inbox by Gmail and Google Calendar too.
  • I also miss the excellent Karma system that Todoist has. It really helps to be more productive. It pushes you to be more effective.

Otherwise, I don’t miss anything at all really. Everything works so much better with my new GTD workflow. I am so much more effective and productive. My mind feels a lot more harmonic and relieved.

Inbox Reminder

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