All iPhones will have OLED displays in 2019

iPhone with edge to edge display

I think it’s great that Apple finally has realized that OLED display panels simply are better than LCD displays. I absolutely love the Super AMOLED display on my Nexus 6P. I wonder why Apple have to wait until 2019 before every new iPhone model will get OLED panels though?

A new supply chain report claims that Apple is planning to use OLED for every iPhone model by 2019, with the company expected to adopt OLED panels for 60 million units of the iPhone 8 later in 2017, equating to around 40 percent of its total manufacturing run. Apple will double the adoption of OLED panels for the 2018 iPhone before completely migrating over to OLED-only models for 2019.

One of the best things with OLED displays is that you can use the Always on feature. I love to have the information I want always visible on the display, even if the screen is off.

It’s too bad though that this year’s iPhone model that will have an OLED display, will have some kind of TouchBar at the bottom instead of a larger screen…

Via Apple Aims to Make Every iPhone With an OLED Display by 2019 - Mac Rumors

Here is my video about the iPhone 8 with a TouchBar: