Installed Nova Launcher on my Nexus 6P

I've installed the Nova Launcher on my Nexus 6P so that I can try it out and see how it looks and what features that are available.

So if I will buy the Samsung Galaxy S8+ when it's out and eventually don't like Samsung's TouchWiz UI, I can easily install and use Nova launcher instead.

I really like the Nova Launcher. At first I was afraid that I would miss having Google Now just one swipe away, but I don't because the Nova Launcher has that in the Google Search icon instead. So with just one click I have Google Now and all its content right in front of me.

Another great thing is that you have the app drawer as it is on the Pixel phones, with just one swipe up from the bottom. It means that you have room for more apps in the favorite menu at the bottom.

Nova Launcher also has a night mode, and that's quite useful because I use my phone very much in the evening and night. The night mode is totally automatic and is activated when the sun goes down.

I also like the gesture feature. You can add different gestures to do different actions. For example, double tap to turn screen off. Or swipe down to reach the notification menu. Works great for one handed use.

So all in all, I really like Nova Launcher.

Here is a video I made about Nova Launcher: