I've decided to go Post-PC again - this time with an Android phone as my only computer

KineMaster Pro - Video Editor

I have decided to go all Post-PC again, but this time by just using an Android phone as my only computer. As you maybe remember I was post-PC for exactly two years with just my iPad as my only computer, and it went fairly well. There was something I couldn’t do, though, like using Bittorrent, using it as a full media center, using it for downloading all kinds of files I wanted and needed. And I couldn’t use a real file manager and get to all my files and move and create new folders and files. And a lot more things.

kodi on android

But now I am a 100% Android user with the benefit using an open and really powerful OS. And also with all the apps I need to do all the things I want available for the OS. With Android there is no limitations or workarounds needed, you can use it as a real computer OS. Something that I have waited for Apple to do for iOS for many years now. But it seems that it will never happen.

So, I will start my new journey, my new experiment when I get my hands on the coming Samsung Galaxy S8+. The huge 6.2-inch display will be perfect as my only computer. My powerful Pocket Computer. And who knows, maybe the rumored desktop docking mode on the Samsung Galaxy S8 called DeX, will help in my Post-PC journey?

Samsung DEX

I have already started “training” for this though, using my 5.8-inch Nexus 6P as my only computer. I haven’t used another computer than my Nexus 6p for a whole week now and it’s awesome!

Samsung Galaxy s8

I can hardly wait to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus so that I can start sharing my experience with you! I will share my Post-PC experience on my YouTube channel and on my blog. And of course share it on all social networks I am on. Like Google+, Twitter, Flipboard, and Facebook.

So, I really hope you will like my new experiment because I’m sure I will :)

Here is my celebration video I did when I had been Post-PC for two years: