One week left until Samsung will present the Galaxy S8+ and I can hardly wait!

Samsung Galaxy S8

Ok, so now it’s just about one week left until Samsung will present the new Galaxy S8, S8+ and the desktop docking station called DeX. And I’m so excited! Even as we have seen everything about it leaked already, there is such an excitement in the air! I haven’t been so excited in many years actually.

To me the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle has only strengthen Samsung. Because now you can trust that Samsung won’t do the same mistake again. You can actually be totally sure that everything will be very carefully controlled when it comes to build-quality and safety. So buying a Galaxy S8 will be one of the safest phones you can buy.

To me the most exciting things will be how good the 6.2-inch display will be, and also how good the camera is. And of course I’m hoping for a SD card slot and IR Remote. It’s not a dealbreaker but it would be good to have.

It will also be interesting to see if the Grace UI has become even better and lighter on Samsung customizations.

And one of the most exciting things ever for me will be to see how the new DeX docking station will work, and how good and useful it can be. It’s quite important to me now when I’m Post-PC again.

So I can hardly wait for the Samsung event at March 29! Hopefully it will be Livestreamed at a good time for me here in Sweden. Because I definitely want to see it live!