Using my Android phone as my only computer and loving it!

I have now been totally Post-PC for a couple of weeks, and only used my Nexus 6p Android phone as my only computer. And I'm very impressed. I can do so much more than I could with the iPad when I was Post-PC the last time. For example, downloading files (all sorts of files), organize them, delete, and move them anywhere in the file system I can open and use the files with any compatible app too. No problem at all. It works exactly as on a desktop computer. This will work even better when I get the Samsung Galaxy S8+ because then I can use external MicroSD cards as external hard drives. Different cards for different kinds of files.

I can also use Bittorrent if I want, I can make my phone act as a server, I can use a VPN, I can install and use Kodi if I want, I can sideload any app I want, I can use screen recorder apps without any hacks to get it to work and much much more.

And I really like to both create content and consume content on the same device. And on an Android phone you can do that with a real functional multi-tasking. So I can basically use a Bittorrent client downloading files at the same time as I am video editing or doing screen recording. Or reading a book at the same time. Again, exactly as on a real desktop computer.

The only drawback so far is that the battery life is quite bad now when I use the Nexus 6p for totally everything. So I have to charge it as often I can. Fortunately, it supports quick charge so just a few minutes of charging gives me quite much battery life.

Again, I can hardly wait until I can buy the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the DeX station! It will be the perfect Pocket Computer, my only computer.