Getting a NAS was a huge step forward for my Post-PC journey!

Getting a NAS was a huge step in my Post-PC journey. Because now I can finally get rid of my last PC that I had standing as a file server.

Now I can use my NAS instead together with the excellent file manager app for Android called Solid Explorer. I can use FTP to transfer files that I've downloaded on my Android phone to store them on my NAS. And when I need some files I can easily search for them on my NAS and download them to my mobile phone using Solid Explorer.

So the NAS will be my new file storage. And because of my really fast internet connection and great mobile data plan, it will feel as the files are stored on the mobile handset itself.

So now I don't have any PC computers left. I only use my phone. My phone is my only computer.

And that will only get better when I get the Samsung Galaxy S8+ with its huge display, and the Samsung DeX Station. The DeX station will I use in the very rare occasions when I will need an even larger display. For example, when doing web design​ and I need to see how it will look on a big display. And I will of course use the DeX Station as an Android TV Box watching movies and TV series.

I'm so happy being Post-PC again!