My first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S8+

I love it! I seriously do. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ has the best quality feeling of all mobile phones I've ever used. Beats even the first iPhone 4 experience back in the days. Seriously, it oozes quality all over it.

The design, the physical size and more is simply perfect. It has a huge 6.2-inch display, but feels much smaller and lighter than my 5.8-inch Nexus 6P. And thanks to its narrow design, it's very easy to handle with one hand. Surprisingly easy really. Love it.

I haven't used the camera much yet, but I can already say that it's way better than on the Nexus 6P. And it's the best camera I've ever used in low light conditions. Incredibly good in low light conditions.

And the awesome face scanner and Iris scanner on the front makes it completely unnecessary to use the fingerprint scanner on the back. Seriously. Works great even in low light environment.

And Samsung's version of Android is a pleasant surprise. Personally I think it's better than the pure Android version on my Nexus 6P so far. And I really like that all the Samsung apps is stored in one folder out of the box. So no unnecessary clutter of the OS. And Samsung's Internet browser runs smoother and faster than Chrome does in my experience. And supports plugins. And I absolutely love the Always on feature! It actually saved the battery life because I don't have to turn the mobile on all the time to see my notifications.

And who said that Samsung devices never get updates? Today I got the first security update of the operating system. So it actually feels great. No need to update an already perfect Android 7 version, security and bug fix updates it's what matters, and it seems that Samsung definitely delivers on that front.

All in all is Samsung's version of Android less buggy and feature rich than the Android version on my Nexus 6P.

The battery life seems to be excellent on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ too. At least much, much better than on my Nexus 6P.

The only drawback I have found so far is the speaker. No stereo speakers and of course no front facing speakers. But I rather have an all display from top to bottom on the front than front facing speakers. And what a display then! The best I've ever experienced. Totally awesome.

So this was no complete review, it's just my first impressions after using the Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy S8+ for a couple of days.