A trip with just a phone (Samsung Galaxy S8+) as my only computer

I was on a trip recently, to Västerås (you know, Westeros in Game of Thrones), and it was the first time since I went Post-PC with just my mobile phone as my only computer. So it was the first time I had such a light package when it comes to electronics and gadgets, with just my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and a charger :)
And as expected, it worked perfectly fine! No problem at all. I can easily manage everything with just my Samsung Galaxy S8+. There is absolutely nothing I can't do with it. It's the world's best pocket computer.

It feels so great to have just the mobile phone with you and be able to create and work on it where ever you go, where ever you are and where ever you want.

On this trip I used my Samsung Galaxy S8+ as my camera, my blog editor, my photo editor, my video editor and all the rest that is necessary, like my internet bank, my email reader and sender, I used it for reading comments and replying to them, I used it to publish content, I used it for reading books and the news, I used it to watch videos and even relaxing with some gaming. And when driving I used it as my GPS navigator and music player.

I never missed a "real" computer, or the need for a larger display. And for every day that goes, I am sure that the Galaxy S8+ is everything I need when it comes to computing. The future of computing is already here. At least for me.