Omega Railmaster 60th anniversary watchface

I can't remember who did the original Omega Railmaster 60th Anniversary watchface in WatchMaker, but I think it was J.C Dalisay ? I have modified the one I use though, by removing the Lume mode and added my favorite DIM mode that makes it possible to manually lower the opacity in 7 steps by clicking below the number 6. I also added battery level on the second hand when dimmed.

A bit of Omega Railmaster history:
The original Railmaster was first introduced in the year 1957 and strengthened the already existing strong connection between Omega and the railroad. Although the company had officially delivered pocket watches to railway companies since 1895, the Railmaster was the first watch that was designed specifically for railway employees, scientists, technicians and electricians as well as all other professions who worked with or in the vicinity of strong electric currents, for it had at that time a special antimagnetic double caseback to protect the movement against the damaging effects of electric fields.

The Omega Railmaster watch has been around for 60 years and in the latest version, it looks better than ever!

My MOD version