Note 8: I'll keep my Samsung Galaxy S8+

OK so Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 8 and it looks great. I like the look of the new dual camera with optical image stabilization for both lenses. I also like that it can take a photo with 2x optical zoom at the same time as a wide angle photo. The specs are great and all, but the rest is actually quite the same as my Samsung Galaxy S8+. And that's not a bad thing, because the S8 was the best phone out there before the Note 8. But there is not enough of a difference between them, so if you already have the Galaxy S8+ you can keep enjoying that without problems. The S-pen is not enough. And personally I don't use a stylus or even real pens.

So I am more than happy with my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus until Samsung launches the Galaxy S9 next year.