Back to Gboard - Swiftkey is too laggy and slow

I've been using the Swiftkey keyboard for a very long time, but have now gone back to the Google Keyboard (Gboard) again.
The reason is because Swiftkey has become very laggy and slow. In fact, it's one of the worst keyboards now when it comes to speed.

Now with the Gboard everything feels so fresh again. Fast and light.

And Gboard also has some new nifty features. Stickers for example, maybe not so useful, but it's fun. I do a lot of texting every day, and stickers make that a lot more fun.

The Swipe/glide feature with Gboard is one of the best on the market. Personally, I think only the Swype keyboard is as good when it comes to swiping.

And Gboard also has a lot of nice looking themes. Looks a lot more modern than Swiftkey.

So the speed, features and looks makes me stick to the Google Keyboard (Gboard).