My Apple AirPods together with Samsung Galaxy S8+ review

Apple's AirPods must be one of the best products ever from them. I really love them! They worked great together with my Samsung Galaxy S8+. Fast pairing, fast connect and disconnect by just opening the lock of the charging case.

The charging case makes it unnecessary to think about battery life. Apple says that their headphones has 5 hours of battery life, but that is what they have in continuous listening. If you put them in the charging case (which you always should do) When not using them, then they get charged up really fast again. By doing so you get about 24 hours of listening time in total. 15 minutes in the case mean 3 more hours of listening time. Amazing. And brilliant by Apple.

The airports are so comfortable to wear so that you hardly feel them at all. You can basically have them in your ears all day long.

Of course you can't use voice commands with them on an Android phone, and you can't see any battery life measurement, but everything else works about the same as with an iPhone.

Open the lock and they instantly connects to my Samsung Galaxy S8+, and when putting them back in the case and closes the lock, they disconnect as fast again. Amazing, and brilliant by Apple.

Also double tap to pause and play works. But the audio doesn't pause when you take one out or starts again when putting it back though. But I actually don't need that.

So all in all, I can highly recommend Apple's AirPods to any Samsung Galaxy S8+ user. I prefer them over the rubbery plugs that Samsung Gear IconX has. I have always liked the very comfortably Earpods , and these AirPods feel the same, but with a tiny bit better bass sound. The sound quality is enough for me and my use.

Now I can definitely be using my new philosophy that I call "Audio Snacks'. Listening to everything using text to speech instead of reading. I am using apps like Voice Aloud Reader, Dream Reader, Pocket and Moon+ reader to make everything into audio snacks. That way I can "read" a lot more than most people.

Here is a video with my unboxing and first thoughts of Apple's AirPods: