Today I re-mapped the Bixby button to be used with my Apple AirPods

Today I re-mapped the Bixby button on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ to be used with my Apple AirPods. I used the app bxActions for Android.

I never use Samsung's Bixby service and the dedicated hardware button for it on my Samsung Galaxy S8+, so I thought, why not make better use of the hardware button?

The app bxActions makes it possible to turn Bixby off and use the button for other stuff like different actions, commands and apps.

So I decided to remap the button to be able to easily and fast pause and play media by just clicking the Bixby button. Also works on the lock screen.

So now when using my Apple AirPods all day, all the time, I can quickly pause the audio I'm listening to. For example, when someone speaking to me. And of course also to start playing again.

Works really great and are really useful. Most of the time it's faster and easier to do than double tapping on the AirPods themselves to do the same thing.