Book: The Crown Tower (Riyria Chronicles 1) by Michael J. Sullivan

I have now read the first book in the Riyria Chronicles, The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan.
Some of you probably remember how much I loved the Riyria Revelations fantasy book series with Hadrian and Royce. It's the best books I've ever read in my whole life.

The Riyria Chronicles is also about Hadrian and Royce, but before what happens in Riyria Revelations. It's about how they met each other.

But even if I loved the Crown Tower and all the characters in it, I felt that it was not as good as Riyria Revelations. But as I said, still very good.

Michael J. Sullivan recommends reading the Riyria Revelations before Riyria Chronicles, so that's why I read them in that order, but personally I think I recommend reading them in the other order. Riyria Chronicles before Riyria Revelations. The reason is that it felt a bit strange to know what happens to all the characters later on in the story. If I had read the Crown Tower first, I had known how much Royce hated Hadrian at first, and also why for example.

But that's only my personal opinion.
Of course I still highly recommend the Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan.

It gets the score 4/5.