Book: The Ritual by Adam Nevill

Today I finished the book The Ritual by Adam Nevill. A horror novel. Many reviewers have said that it's only good the first half, but I think actually quite the opposite. It's great the second half, and just tickling good the first half.

It's not the best horror book I've read, but Adam Nevill reminds me of the author Nick Cutter with the excellent book the Troop when it comes to the writing style. I like it and will definitely read more of Adam Nevill when I get the time.

And it's fun to see a story that plays out in the Swedish woods :) I am from Sweden myself as you probably know. So that made this book even better for me.

I will try to watch the film that is based on this book too. It's available on Netflix. It's probably not as good though. Movies never are.

I give The Ritual by Adam Nevill the score 4/5.