I've read 19 books in 11 weeks so far - here is how

Ok, so I have read 19 books so far this year. And it's only Week 11, so my goal of 40 books this year is looking good :)

I could never have read so many if it wasn't for my own reading technology where I use text-to-speech while I am reading along. So I listen to and read books simultaneously. Therefore I can read a lot faster. I read at about 2.7X speed. Usually a book of 400-500 pages in 5-6 hours.

And of course still with great comprehension.

When you read the text at the same time as you have it ready along for you in headphones, I use Apple's AirPods, then you can take in the book even if you read it a lot faster.

At the moment I use the app @Voice Aloud Reader to read books with, but it also works in many other apps, like the Moon+ Reader app you can see in the video below. It also works in Google Play Books app and Apple's iBooks. You can use Text-to-speech in those apps too.

Try it, I'm sure you will like it.