I've just ordered the brand new 2018 model of the Mercedes Benz A-class (A-Klass)!

So, I have just ordered the brand new Mercedes Benz A-Class. The 2018 model. An incredible update to an already amazing car. I have the 2015 Mercedes Benz A-Class today, but this year's new model is like a completely new car!

Especially the new operating system with voice commands (even in Swedish), Locking and unlocking the car with your phone, starting the car with the phone, Heads-up display, Smartphone integration with wireless charging, navigation, internet connection and information, huge touchpad between the seats, two huge touch screens and a lot more!

Also, the new engine technology is incredible with for example automatic deactivation and activation of cylinders and a lot more. Of course, it's an automatic and uses gasoline. I don't like Diesel cars. And you can't get AMG with a diesel engine.

The version of the images in this post is exactly the car I will get. I decided for red color this time. I've had a white and also a black Mercedes, so I decided for a red one this time. AMG red. Hopefully, I will get it in September, but it's a very popular new model, so there is a high risk for a very long waiting time for some. Rumors say to a whole year of waiting time! But My town will get three cars this year, and one of them will be mine :)

September 3 hopefully :)

Check out more images below: